Parsidora 18...

Yes, finally, Parsidora 18 is out! This release is somewhat different from previous releases. First of all, because of problems with creating installation media for Fedora 18, this time Parsidora 18 comes without packages from Fedora 18's updates repository by default, so you'll probably need to update it after installation.

Additionally, Parsidora 18 comes with the new installer UI of Fedora 18, and since Fedora 18 installation media itself is much bigger than previous releases, we needed to do more space savings on DVD image. Therefore, the package set is changed considerably since Parsidora 16, and we've removed a number of less-used packages in Fedora 18 standard package set. We hope that you are able to find most of the needed packages in Parsidora 18 DVD.

A small note about Parsidora 18 installer: in package selection page you'll see a "blank" environment on the left side. This blank environment is actually "Gnome for Persian Users". If this environment is selected, some packages usable for Persian users will be installed. If you are not a Persian user, you can select other environments based on your taste. You can still select Parsidora additional package sets in the right column.