Parsidora 16 is out!

Parsidora 16 is released. It is based on Fedora 16 and includes all of its updates till Dec 30th, providing a more streamlined experience for users.

Parsidora 16 comes with all goodies from Parsidora 15 like Jockey and Yum Fast Downloader plugin. However, it is based on latest updates of Fedora 16 and provides a much more pleasant experience.

Currently, Parsidora 16 installation media images are available. However, this time we are going to release a Gnome live version too! It'll be available in a few days. :)

Also, it comes with a number of new packages (and doesn't provide vdrift anymore):

* OpenShot Video Editor
* Synapse Semantic Launcher
* Hotot and Choqok Microblogging Clients
* Tucan Download Manager
* All Persian packages for TeXLive 2011
* phpMyAdmin MySQL Web Administration Interface
* Klavaro Typing Tutor

Have Fun!