What is Parsidora?

A Fedora based OS which tries to provide an improved user experience, providing many features out of the box which are not provided by Fedora for various reasons. Besides, it tries to provide a better solution for users without fast Internet connections. While being usable for everyone, it pays special attention to Persian users and their needs by providing tools and features geared towards them.

Is Parsidora a "Persian Fedora"? Do you localized Fedora and provide it as Parsidora? What is the default language of Parsidora interface?

No, Parsidora is NOT a "Persian Fedora" and we do not localized Fedora in this project. We recognize that even many Persian users currently prefer to use English user interface, therefore Parsidora comes with English as its default language. Also, there is no localization effort done in Parsidora, since localization can be done in upstream projects themselves (like Gnome and Fedora).

Why didn't you produce an Add-On disc for Fedora rather than creating your own distribution?

First of all, notice that while Parsidora is a complete and standalone distribution, the DVD image can be also used as an addon disc for Fedora. It is enough to add Parsidora DVD as a repository to your Fedora installation. However, it is more convenient for new users to need only one DVD and have most of the features right after installation. Also, since Parsidora is released a little after Fedora, it includes updated packages for many of the Fedora packages, so even if it was an addon disc, it would still include updated versions of many of installed packages and we would not be able to provide much more additional packages.

Why the DVD image is so big?

The image is prepared to be written on DVD discs, so we would like to make sure that we make the best use of the provided space. The image is created to be distributed my DVDs rather than direct downloads, since we target users without high speed internet access

Why don't you provide a Live version instead? It is more common nowadays.

We want to provide a large number of programs to users, so that they have less need to download their programs from Internet. On the other side, no one wants all of the programs that we provide. Since live distributions usually does not let the user to select the programs he want, we preferred to provide an installation media from which everybody can install the packages he wants. However, we acknowledge that many users prefer to have a live version which can be tested more easily, so we are going to provide live versions as of Parsidora 16 too.