Parsidora is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Fedora, containing a collection of cutting-edge software. Parsidora is 100% Fedora compatible, and provides many additional features to make the life of users easier. In addition, it has an special eye on users without fast internet connections and Persian users. Everybody is welcome to join Parsidora!

Parsidora 15 New Features
Jocky, a powerful and handy utility for installing proprietary hardware drivers has been ported from Ubuntu for the first time. Jocky smartly detects required proprietary drivers for video cards, wireless chips and software modems and offers one-click installation of the drivers.
Easy deactivation of features specific to Iranian and Persian-speaking users
YUM fast downloader plugin is included and enabled by default
New important applications added to the default setup :
Saaghar: A collection of classical and modern Persian poetry
Bicon: A utility for making shells compatible with right-to-left languages
Starcalendar: A handy desktop calendar which supports Jalali, Gregorian and Hijri calendars
Useful extensions for GNOME 3 (all extensions from Fedora repos are available pon the DVD)
GNOME Tweak Tool: a utility for tweaking various settings of GNOME 3
Devede:DeVeDe is a program to create video DVDs
Stellaruim: A planetarium app that renders 3D photo-realistic skies in real-time.
Celestia: A free 3D astronomy program
Fatrat: A powerful download manager
GoldenDict: A handy dictionary apps supporting various dictionary formats as well as online sources
Kino: A program to record, create, edit, and play movies recorded with DV camcorders.
Extundelete: A utility that can recover deleted files from an ext3 or ext4 partition.
and many other applications...
Better management of Parsidora DVD and Parsidora repo as the main source for package installation.
and many others...

Parsidora 14 New Features
An exclusive online repository for Parsidora packages
All features of Fedora 14 and the its latest updates
Important bug fixes in Fedora 14 are applied
Adobe Flash Player enabled by default
Provides Persian fonts and Stardict English-Persian dictionary by default
Enables Persian/English keyboard layouts by default
Right-to-left language support is enabled in OpenOffice.org by default in all locales
Touchpad click enabled by default
and many others...

Parsidora Additional Packages List

Name Group (Descriptions) Version 13 Version 14 Version 15 Version 16
Jocky Hardware driver - - Yes ?
YUM fast downloader plugin Admin Tools (Package Management) - - Yes ?
Saaghar Other - - Yes ?
Bicon Other - - Yes ?
Starcalendar Other (Gnome App) - - Yes ?
GNOME Tweak Tool Admin Tools (Gnome Desktop) - - Yes ?
Devede Multimedia (Video Editor) - - Yes ?
Stellaruim planetarium - - Yes ?
Celestia Education - - Yes ?
Fatrat Internet - - Yes ?
GoldenDict Other (Dictionary) - - Yes ?
Kino Multimedia (Video Editor) - - Yes ?
Extundelete Admin Tools (Disk Managment) - - Yes ?
RPMFusion Hardware Drivers Hardware driver Yes Yes Yes ?
Multimedia Codecs Multimedia Yes Yes Yes ?
Multimedia Players (e.g. VLC, MPlayer), Miro, Bunshee Multimedia Yes Yes Yes ?
Adobe Flash Player Multimedia - Yes Yes ?
A set of Persian Fonts Fonts Yes Yes Yes ?
Stardict English-Persian Dictionary Other (Dictionary) Yes Yes Yes ?
Eclipse, NetBeans, MonoDevelop, Qt Creator and IntelliJIDEA Programming Yes Yes Yes ?
Arm and Avr compilers, Avr programming packages Education Yes Yes Yes ?
Electronic Related packages: GEDA, ngspice, Kicad, KTechLab, xcircuit Electronic lab Yes Yes Yes ?
RoboCup 2D/3D Soccer Simulator Packages Other Yes Yes Yes ?
Internet applications: Aria2, Epiphany, Pidgin, Gyachi Internet Yes Yes Yes ?
Complete security related packages of Fedora Security Labs Spin Servers, Other Yes Yes Yes ?
BZFlag, BTanks, CSMash, Chromium-BSU, DosBox, FreeCIV, Glest, ManiaDrive, Neverball, VDrift, Wesnoth, ...
Games Yes Yes Yes ?
Wine, TeXLive 2010 (with Persian support), VirtualBox-OSE/VirtualBox-4.x Admin tools, Virtualization, Publishing Yes Yes Yes ?
Jalali Calendar Other (Gnome Applet) Yes Yes - ?
UnRAR, p7zip Admin tools Yes Yes Yes ?
Compiz Fusion extra packages Other (Desktop Effects 2D/3D) Yes Yes Yes ?
PDFEdit Other (PDF Editing) Yes Yes Yes ?
wxWidgets Other (Widgets) Yes Yes Yes ?
Minbar Other (Islam prayer times) Yes Yes - ?
Audacity-freeworld Multimedia (Audio Editor) - Yes Yes ?
Pitivi Multimedia (Video Editor) Yes Yes Yes ?
LXDE Desktop Other Desktop (Designed for computers with low hardware) Yes Yes Yes ?
Xournal Office Yes Yes Yes ?
TestDisk Admin Tools (Disk Managment) Yes Yes Yes ?
Wammu/GNokii Other (Mobile phone manager) Yes Yes Yes ?
XMonad Programming Yes Yes Yes ?
GNUCash Other, Office (Personal finance manager) Yes Yes Yes ?
GnoCHM GNOME desktop Yes Yes Yes ?
Kile Publishing Yes Yes Yes ?
TexMaker Office Yes Yes Yes ?
Dia Office (Drawing diagrams) Yes Yes Yes ?
OGRE Programming (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) Yes Yes Yes ?
GtkTerm Admin tools (Serial port terminal) Yes Yes Yes ?
Octave Education Yes Yes Yes ?
QtOctave Education Yes Yes Yes ?