Parsidora Introduction

Parsidora is a GNU/Linux-based operating system that showcases the latest in free and open source software. Parsidora is based on Fedora (called a "Fedora Remix") and tries to provide an improved user experience, providing many features out of the box which are not provided by Fedora for various reasons. Besides, it tries to provide a better solution for users without fast Internet connections. While being usable for everyone, it pays special attention to Persian users and their needs by providing tools and features geared towards them.
Parsidora has been released for you!

Parsidora 20 is Released :)

Finally, Parsidora 20 is released based on Fedora 20 with all updates till 14th of July, like Linux kernel 3.15.4.

Like previous releases, this release comes with many useful packages by default, so that you'll find most of your needs inside its DVD image.

In addition to Fedora and RPMFusion repositories, it comes with a number of packages in Parsidora repositories like Adobe Flash, Yum-Fast-Downloader plugin, Persian Calendar gnome shell extension and Al-Anvar.

Parsidora 18...

Yes, finally, Parsidora 18 is out! This release is somewhat different from previous releases. First of all, because of problems with creating installation media for Fedora 18, this time Parsidora 18 comes without packages from Fedora 18's updates repository by default, so you'll probably need to update it after installation.

Parsidora 17 is dead, but Parsidora 18 is planned!

Yes, we are not going to release Parsidora 17. While we did almost all of the work, and passed a number of difficulties (some of them are explained in my blog) we faced a bug in the installer which prevented us from building working installation media.

As Fedora 18 is going to released soon, we decided to stop spending time on Parsidora 17 and start working on Parsidora 18 instead so we can have a better and more interesting release. :)

Parsidora 16 is out!

Parsidora 16 is released. It is based on Fedora 16 and includes all of its updates till Dec 30th, providing a more streamlined experience for users.

Parsidora 16 comes with all goodies from Parsidora 15 like Jockey and Yum Fast Downloader plugin. However, it is based on latest updates of Fedora 16 and provides a much more pleasant experience.

Currently, Parsidora 16 installation media images are available. However, this time we are going to release a Gnome live version too! It'll be available in a few days. :)

Also, it comes with a number of new packages (and doesn't provide vdrift anymore):

Parsidora joins Open Invention Network (OIN)

A few days back, Parsidora joined Open Invention Network as a licensee. This is a mutual agreement for supporting free sharing of ideas while the current patent laws exists.

Parsidora 15 Released!

Parsidora 15 is out and can be downloaded from project's sourceforge space. It is the same as RC1, so if you have downloaded Parsidora 15 RC1, you can use it as the final version. Parsidora 15 will be available soon from some internet shops.

This version comes with the latest updates from Fedora repositories.
Highlights of Parsidora 15 include:

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